Andriy Kornatskyy avatar Andriy Kornatskyy committed 3d8ed96

Moved membership cache profile to membership package.

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+from datetime import timedelta
+from wheezy.http import CacheProfile
+from wheezy.http.cache import etag_md5crc32
+from config import config
+membership_cache_profile = CacheProfile(
+    'both',
+    duration=timedelta(minutes=10),
+    # this cause browser to send request each time
+    # so the server is able to respond with code 304
+    http_max_age=0,
+    vary_environ=['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'],
+    vary_cookies=['_a'],
+    http_vary=['Cookie'],
+    etag_func=etag_md5crc32,
+    enabled=config.getboolean('cache-profile', 'membership-enabled'))
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