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Ray Ch created an issue

I think it would be great. If we have a support to sockets. I'm think wheezy.sockets should be added to make wheezy.web support web sockets.

I think it should be in middleware. Something like flask-sockets

I can do that, but I need you help in architecting it.

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  1. Andriy Kornatskyy repo owner

    I believe a good example of using web sockets will be more than necessary. Usually an application server will supply you an environ variable that will corresponds to a web socket so you use it from there (e.g. gevent web sockets). Thus anything built on top of this is considered over engineering.

  2. Ray Ch reporter

    Here is a good example. You can add a section or add test.py in the User Guide.

    Redirect newbies to this link. So, they just fork it or implement in their application.

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