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Jay Zeng
created an issue

First of all, great framework! I love how you modularize all components and the code is clean and a joy to read. I am thinking to use wheezy to build a rest api and have a couple of questions & suggestions:

  • Can you add support to CORS? will be great to be able to control through annotation or code for either selected route or globally.
  • Will be great to include "how to deploy" in the docs, interested in knowing how to kick off the app with gunicorn.

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  1. Andriy Kornatskyy repo owner
    • CORS - once you dig deeper into details you will probably realize really soon that there is no much to "refine" in processes if not make it less clear. Since the topic is usually very specific to particular application, a need to document certain "helpers" may correlate with the same specs that explain cross-origin resource sharing. So instead of attempting to "wrap" it bad way I would prefer leave this outside the scope for now. If you need to add couple headers application wide, you can use nginx for that, it does that better.
    • Deploy. If you take a look at demos (quick stats, template) you will probably notice fabric file used to roll the demo to clean debian installation (I am pretty sure you cope with it), there are also sample files for nginx, uwsgi and memcached.

    There is always more than you can expect, just try dig deeper and don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Jay Zeng reporter

    Fair enough. My point is users can (and should) dig deeper, it helps your framework get popular when documentations and examples are better.

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