Multi-threading? Concurrent request?

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Isa Hassen created an issue

I have a production ready app which I ported from CherryPy to Wheezy. I was impressed with the speed of some of my handlers.

After I finished porting, and auto-mapping my CherryPy handlers through Wheezy, I noticed that simple static requests take very long. I have a page which makes a LOT of HTTP Requests on a single page load: about 20 static files, images, CSS, etc, and 2 AJAX requests. It seems like the static requests are being blocked by the computation-heavy AJAX requests.

What do you suggest? Is wheezy able to handle requests concurrently?

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  1. Andriy Kornatskyy repo owner

    The wheezy.web framework does not share thread local state so it works perfectly well at high concurrency.

    The ability to handle multiple concurrent requests depends also on web server and/or application server and non-blocking nature of libraries, e.g. to access database (it is usually advised to use a higher number of processes).

    I would suggest to use nginx to handle static content and uwsgi as application server. You can read more here.

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