Demo for building non-blocking HTTP components

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Ray Ch
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Can you include examples for basic HTTPS. If possible even H2 and SPDY Protocols.

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  1. Andriy Kornatskyy repo owner

    I use nginx as a web server, ssl offload and reverse proxy to application server. You can find an example and

    Both HTTP2 and SPDY do not require anything from your application in case you use a web server that supports them. nginx supports SPDY starting from version 1.5 and support for HTTP2 is planned. The only thing you have to do is compile nginx from source since that module is not enabled by default. You can activate it simply by adding spdy to listen directive, e.g.

    listen ssl spdy;

    Later you can use firefox to see if it works.

    google is an example for HTTP2 and duckduckgo for SPDY. There are many CDN sites as well.

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