wheezy.web / demos / guestbook /

""" ``views`` module.

from datetime import timedelta

from wheezy.http import CacheProfile
from wheezy.http.transforms import gzip_transform
from wheezy.web import handler_cache
from wheezy.web.handlers import BaseHandler
from wheezy.web.transforms import handler_transforms

from config import cached
from config import session
from models import Greeting
from repository import Repository
from validation import greeting_validator

class ListHandler(BaseHandler):

    @handler_cache(CacheProfile('server', duration=timedelta(minutes=15),
    @handler_transforms(gzip_transform(compress_level=9, min_length=250))
    def get(self):
        with session() as db:
            repo = Repository(db)
            greetings = repo.list_greetings()
        response = self.render_response('list.html',
        response.dependency_key = 'd_list'
        return response

class AddHandler(BaseHandler):

    @handler_cache(CacheProfile('both', duration=timedelta(hours=1),
    @handler_transforms(gzip_transform(compress_level=9, min_length=250))
    def get(self, greeting=None):
        greeting = greeting or Greeting()
        return self.render_response('add.html', greeting=greeting)

    def post(self):
        greeting = Greeting()
        if (not self.try_update_model(greeting)
                or not self.validate(greeting, greeting_validator)):
            if self.request.ajax:
                return self.json_response({'errors': self.errors})
            return self.get(greeting)
        with session() as db:
            repo = Repository(db)
            if not repo.add_greeting(greeting):
                self.error('Sorry, can not add your greeting.')
                return self.get(greeting)
        return self.see_other_for('list')
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