wheezy.web / demos / template / src / membership / repository /


from wheezy.caching.patterns import key_builder
from wheezy.caching.patterns import partial_get_or_set
from wheezy.caching.patterns import wraps_get_or_set

from config import cache
from membership.repository import keys

kb = key_builder(key_prefix='mbr')
cached = wraps_get_or_set(cache, kb, 3600 * 24)
cached_long_gs = partial_get_or_set(cache, 3600, namespace='membership')

class MembershipRepository(object):

    def __init__(self, inner):
        self.inner = inner

    def password_questions(self, locale):
        return self.inner.password_questions(locale)

    def list_password_questions(self, locale):
        return self.inner.list_password_questions(locale)

    def account_types(self, locale):
        return self.inner.account_types(locale)

    def list_account_types(self, locale):
        return self.inner.list_account_types(locale)

    def authenticate(self, credential):
        # TODO:
        return self.inner.authenticate(credential)

    def has_account(self, username):
        #key = keys.has_account(username)
        #result = cache.get(key)
        #if result is None:
        #    result = self.inner.has_account(username)
        #    if result is not None:
        #        cache.set(key, result, time=600, namespace='membership')
        #return result
        return cached_long_gs(
            lambda: self.inner.has_account(username))

    def user_roles(self, username):
        # TODO:
        return self.inner.user_roles(username)

    def create_account(self, registration):
        key = keys.has_account(registration.credential.username)
        cache.delete(key, namespace='membership')
        return self.inner.create_account(registration)

# region: internal details

from wheezy.core.introspection import looks
from membership.repository.contract import IMembershipRepository
ignore_argspec = [
    'password_questions', 'list_password_questions',
    'account_types', 'list_account_types']
assert looks(MembershipRepository).like(
    IMembershipRepository, ignore_argspec=ignore_argspec)
assert looks(IMembershipRepository).like(
    MembershipRepository, ignore_argspec=ignore_argspec)
del looks, IMembershipRepository, ignore_argspec
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