wheezy.web / src / wheezy / web / middleware / errors.py

""" ``errors`` module.

import sys

from traceback import format_exception_only

from wheezy.core.collections import defaultdict
from wheezy.http.response import internal_error
from wheezy.http.response import not_found
from wheezy.web.handlers.base import RedirectRouteHandler

class HTTPErrorMiddleware(object):
    """ http error middleware

    def __init__(self, error_mapping, logger, extra_provider=None):
        assert error_mapping is not None
        self.error_mapping = error_mapping
        self.logger = logger
        self.extra_provider = extra_provider

    def __call__(self, request, following):
        assert following is not None
            response = following(request)
            if response is None:
                response = not_found()
        except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit, MemoryError):
        except Exception:
            exc_info = sys.exc_info()
            extra = self.extra_provider and self.extra_provider(request) or {}
            response = internal_error()
        status_code = response.status_code
        if status_code >= 400:
            error_route_name = self.error_mapping[status_code]
            route_name = request.environ['route_args']['route_name']
            if error_route_name != route_name:
                response = RedirectRouteHandler(request, error_route_name)
        return response

def http_error_middleware_factory(options):
    """ HTTP error middleware factory.
    import logging
    if 'http_errors' in options:
        path_for = options['path_for']
        error_mapping = options['http_errors']
        assert isinstance(error_mapping, defaultdict)
        assert path_for(error_mapping.default_factory()) is not None
        for route_name in error_mapping.values():
            assert path_for(route_name) is not None
        error_mapping = defaultdict(str)
    if 'http_errors_logger' in options:
        logger = options['http_errors_logger']
        logger = logging.getLogger('unhandled')
        if not logger.handlers:
    return HTTPErrorMiddleware(
        options.get('http_errors_extra_provider', None),
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