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 The rendered HTML content is displayed in the Ajax preview wrapped by
 an HTML page generated by the ``markitup/preview.html`` template; you
-can override this template in your project and customize the preview
+can override this template by using the `MARKITUP_PREVIEW_TEMPLATE setting`_.
 .. note::
 ``MarkupField``. It has the same format as ``MARKITUP_FILTER``; by
 default it is set equal to ``MARKITUP_FILTER``.
+Use this setting to override the default AJAX preview template. 
+Reference any template file in your template folder. For example::
+    MARKITUP_PREVIEW_TEMPLATE = 'appname/my_preview.html'
+.. note::
+    When using your own template, the {{ preview|safe }} tag
+    is where your rendered html will appear.