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+This is a little script that will download, compile and install [HOL
+Light](, including
+compatible versions of OCaml and Camlp5.  This is a very quick and
+easy way to get things up and running, even if the distribution does
+not provide suitable packages for OCaml.
+All installation is local to a given directory (say, under your home
+directory). No root permissions are required.
+This script was tested on Linux (both 32 and 64 bit). It might also
+work on other Unix-like systems, possibly with modifications.
+Download the script. (Alternatively, you can also clone this repository.)
+    mkdir hol-light-workbench
+    cd hol-light workbench
+    wget
+    chmod 755 setup 
+Run the script. 
+    ./setup
+The installer creates a little script with shell environment settings (PATH
+etc.). Import it into the current shell as follows to adjust the paths.
+    . setpaths
+Now, you can run HOL Light as follows:
+    cd hol-light
+    ocaml
+    # #use "";;