Add slpython.exe to "PATH"

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anatoly techtonik
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When Python 2.x is installed, its dir is not automatically available in PATH, but if you execute python.exe from any directory, it will start up. This is implemented by adding (Default) registry key with full path to python.exe to App Paths lookup location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Python.exe

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  1. Anselm Kruis repo owner

    Hi anatoly,

    what is your exact proposal?

    It is obvious, that I can't add the registry key in every case. Think of an virtual env for instance. So one possibility is to add the registry key, if

    1. the corresponding python.exe has the key
    2. and the registry entry does not yet exist

    I'm not sure about condition 2. What, if you install python, pip install stackless-python, uninstall python, install python to a different location and finally pip install stackless-python. You end up with an invalid registry key, pointing to the old location.

    Better approach: install/overwrite the registry key for slpython.exe, if there is a registry key for the corresponding python.exe.

  2. anatoly techtonik reporter

    I thought about the most simple strategy - the last installed slpython.exe wins. If this .exe will work without activating virtual environment, then I am fine even when last stackless installed into virtualenv.

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