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# Log

The `log` utility provides applications with a robust logging system.

Logging is performed by calling the functions of the `log`
module. Logged messages have levels of importance associated with
them. The default levels provided are `DEBUG`, `INFO`, `WARNING`,
`ERROR`, and `CRITICAL`. The functions are `debug()`, `info()`,
`warning()`, `error()`, and `critical()`, which mirror the default
levels. You are not constrained to use these levels: you can specify
your own and use a more general function, `log()`, which takes an
explicit level argument.

Sample usage:

    log.debug('x = ' + repr(x));
    if (answer != 42)
      log.critical('OMG! The world is broken!');
    log.log(-1, 'Special message');

Developers could view application logs at <http://log.akshell.com/>.