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# Markdown Library

Tools for processing the
[Markdown]( language.

## makeHTML()

To convert markdown text into HTML, use the `makeHTML()` function:

    var text = 'Markdown *rocks*.';
    var html = markdown.makeHTML(text);

## WMD

The [Wysiwym Markdown Editor]( is a simple,
lightweight HTML editor for blog comments, forum posts, and basic
content management.

To install the editor, include `wmd.js` right before your closing
`<body>` tag:

    <script type="text/javascript"

By default, WMD will turn the first textarea on your page into an
editor. You can modify this behavior with the `wmd-ignore` class,
described below.

### Adding Live Preview

Paste this code wherever you want your live preview to appear:

    <div class="wmd-preview"></div>

You can mix "wmd-preview" with your own class names to make applying
CSS easier.


    <div class="myClass <span class="highlight">wmd-preview</span>" id="myId"></div>

### Special Class Names

You can use the following class names to control WMD's auto-start

`wmd-ignore` - Add to a textarea to prevent WMD from turning it into
an editor.

`wmd-preview` - Add to a div to turn show a live preview.

`wmd-output` - Add to a textarea or div to turn show the HTML output.
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