The LLDB debugger has built-in support for symbolication, and in particular on Mac OS X, for symbolicating OS X and iOS crash logs. Unfortunately, for some reason best known to Apple, in order to function, the lldb.macosx.crashlog module requires an external script to locate dSYM files from the UUIDs listed in the crash log. Quite why there couldn’t be a default implementation of this is beyond me.

Anyway, this package really just contains a single script, named dsymForUUID (the name that the crashlog module expects). The approach taken by the script is to use Spotlight to locate the dSYM file; if it finds, rather than a single dSYM, an .xcarchive, it will scan the dSYM files in the archive to locate the correct one, and will also search for the executable.

The expectation here is that you will have Xcode archives of your releases, in which case it should Just Work.

To use lldb.macosx.crashlog after installing this script, you can do the following:

(lldb) command script import lldb.macosx.crashlog
"crashlog" and "save_crashlog" command installed, use the "--help" option for detailed help
"malloc_info", "ptr_refs", "cstr_refs", and "objc_refs" commands have been installed, use the "--help" options on these commands for detailed help.
(lldb) crashlog /tmp/crash.log

While I haven’t tested this, you may also be able to use the dsymForUUID script with the DebugSymbols framework (part of Mac OS X) by doing something like:

defaults write DBGShellCommands -string /usr/local/bin/dsymForUUID

See the LLDB page about debug symbols on Mac OS X for more on this.