zotonic / priv / skel / examples /

% Zotonic site configuration for %%SITE%%.
    % This site is enabled or not.
    {enabled, true},

    % Atomic hostname, MUST be equal to the directory name of this site.
    {host, %%SITE%%},

    % Hostname on which this site runs
    {hostname, "%%SITE%%:8000"},

    % Aliases which should redirect to the primary hostname
    %{hostalias, ""},
    %{hostalias, ""},

    % PostgreSQL database connection
    {dbhost, "%%DBHOST%%"},
    {dbport, %%DBPORT%%},
    {dbuser, "%%DBUSER%%"},
    {dbpassword, "%%DBPASSWORD%%"},
    {dbdatabase, "%%DBDATABASE%%"},
    {dbschema, "%%DBSCHEMA%%"},

    % Password for the 'admin' user.
    {admin_password, "%%ADMINPASSWORD%%"},

    % What skeleton site this site is based on; for installing the initial data.
    {skeleton, %%SKEL%%}