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Fixed bizarre header interaction.

Including variant.h at the bottom of bstr.h prevented datetime.h from compiling on its own! Removed the include as well as several unused forward-decls. Added a test case to verify this works.

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 namespace comet {
-	class datetime_t;
-	class currency_t;
-	template<typename T> class com_ptr;
-	template<typename T> class safearray_t;
-	// Forward declaration
-//	class variant_t;
 #define	 NORM_IGNOREKASHIDA 0x00040000
 			assign(first, last);
-//		bstr_t(const variant_t& v) throw(std::bad_alloc);
 		explicit bstr_t(const uuid_t& u, bool braces = false)
 			construct(u, braces);
 		/// \name Boolean operators
-/*		bool operator!=(const variant_t&) const;
-		bool operator==(const variant_t&) const;
-		bool operator<(const variant_t&) const;
-		bool operator>(const variant_t&) const;
-		bool operator<=(const variant_t&) const;
-		bool operator>=(const variant_t&) const;
 		bool operator==(const wchar_t* s) const
 		{ return 0 == wcscmp(c_str(), impl::null_to_empty(s) ) && is_regular(); }
 	template<> inline void swap( comet::bstr_t& x, comet::bstr_t& y) COMET_STD_SWAP_NOTHROW { x.swap(y); }
-#include <comet/variant.h>
 #include <comet/uuid.h>
 #pragma warning(pop)


+				RelativePath="test16.cpp"
+				>
+			</File>
+			<File


+#include <comet/datetime.h>
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