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Social Aggregator

We can't always change the nested tables left to us by our predecessor. This project provides an aggregator that is embeddable in an already existing layout. Using `yui3 context css`_, we can use grids and reset styles without effecting the layout of the whole page. You don't even have to be able to edit the ``<head>`` section of your page. 

.. image::

This project uses:

* `jquery.tweets`_
* `galleria`_
* `delicious feeds`_
* `disqus`_


There are two ways to use the social aggregator.

        Download the aggregator and media folder and do a find and replace in the html for things that look like ``{{ somevariablename }}``. You will need to replace these with your actual settings. To see all the settings you need to replace, open the ``settings.example.yml`` file.
        Download the project folder and create a file called ``settings.yml`` based off the example file ``settings.example.yml``. Replace with your settings. Run the command ``python``. You will need `django`_ and `python`_.


This project is (c) 2010, Alan Boyce. It is licensed under the BSD License. See the "LICENSE" file in this directory for more details.

.. _`jquery.tweets`:
.. _`galleria`:
.. _`delicious feeds`: 
.. _`disqus`:
.. _`yui3 context css`: 
.. _`django`:
.. _`python`:
.. _`screenshot`: