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Update version numbers
Fix network pull of repo files with "%" in their base64 encoding.
Fix off-by-one truncation in transaction rollback.
Fix empty transaction destruction
Delete journal on destruction even if there are no entries to replay.
Allow checkout by number or hash Print files touched in changeset Fix reporting of incorrect changelog rev links in verify
Fix linking of changeset revs when merging
Ignore empty ignore patterns
Add to repo
Add some ignore expressions
Don't complain that help is an unknown command
Fix exception handling for reading current working version
Ignore build/ and .pyc files
Handle nullid better for ancestor
Update README to discuss remote pull, rsync, and the hg repo add a .hgignore file
Add back links from file revisions to changeset revisions Add simple transaction support Add hg verify Improve caching in revlog Fix a bunch of bugs Self-hosting now that the metadata is close to finalized