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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Fix up a bunch of bugs in the new merge code Move getchangegroup/addchangegroup to generators
Diff in subdirectories from Jake Edge Dates in diff Fix O(n^2) behaviour of manifest diff Add a/ and b/ to work with patch -p1
Minor changes for release 0.4e
Fix tabs Update version number Set new merge as the default
Add server side of hg:// protocol to hgweb
Add hg:// protocol Fix some of the getchangegroup logic
Minor corrections
A quick set of comparisons between hg, git, and bk from Jake Edge remove from URLs so that it will work as index.cgi
Add getchangegroup code to efficiently calculate and request a changegroup
From: Thomas Arendsen Hein <> Good. Attached is a patch which also tries to use $EMAIL as the commit user and removed a try/except by using os.environ.get.
Fix lsdiff filtering
Drop empty lines from lsdiff
Strip trailing spaces from lsdiff file list
Ignore .orig and .rej files from patch
Add -q option to import Make import complain if patching fails
Import comments from patches
Fix resolve bug putting unchanged files in resolve cset
Rollback is implemented
Add changegroup support
Fix recursion depth trouble with ancestor algorithm
Fix occassional diff bug with manifests
Attempt to recover journal automatically
Fix multiple changes to file per transaction
Fix truncate logic for indices again
Date is an int as a string in changelog
Add lookup smarts everywhere Fix import command
Add improved rev lookup to diff and export
Move hex/bin bits to revlog Handle lookup of rev -1 of changelog
Add smart node lookup by substring or by rev number
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