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Mercurial 0.5
Fix two minor merge bugs
Add $HGEDITOR hook and example script
Add manifest hash to commit messages for easy signing
Improved binary diff from Christopher Li
hgweb: Sort tags by revision number
Pull from Jake's hg docs
updated for .hgpaths and http/old-http protocol name change
hgweb: Fix navigate to 0 bug
Add ~/.hgpaths to README
Merge from Jake's hg docs
adding doc directory and files
Change hg: protocol name to http: and http: to old-http:
hg: remove some debug commands, improve help messages, add .hgpaths file
hg merge: abort if there are outstanding changes in the working directory
hgweb: make navigation of changesets a bit nicer
hgweb: alternating colors for multifile diffs
trivial tweak to merge3
hg diff: fix missing final newline bug
hgweb: actually commit the tags template
hgweb: add tags links and manifest links
Hide most revision numbers in hgweb
hgweb: don't blow up on search for unknown keys
Add tag/rev/node search to hgweb
Make fancyopts handle no arguments
Make undo and recover friendlier
Implement recover and undo commands
Simply repository locking
Update the README a bit
Add example CGI script
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