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Remove call to non-existent date_parser
Fix possible unitialized variable warnings
Minor README updates
Samuel Tardieu
[PATCH] Take DST into account Right now, mercurial doesn't take daylight saving time into account because it uses time.timezone inconditionally, instead of resorting to time.altzone if daylight saving time is on.
Samuel Tardieu
[PATCH] Print timezone offset when outputting dates Example: % hg log | head -12 changeset: 791:41440890e57d2dbacde03a2a114e5114a031ea4a tag: tip user: Samuel Tardieu <> date: Mon Jul 25 13:24:15 2005 +0200 summary: Parse various date formats when accepting user specified dates [...] changeset: 787:ba5c2021364ee876dae170e8f153e43bd0b2bd73 parent: 785:31a80e3723cee0a5991340facb2707e71983eb41 user: …
hg import: abort with uncommitted changes, override with --force
Use post-expanded clone pathname as default
hgweb: Make maxfiles, maxchanges, and allowpull proper config options
Add -e and --remotecmd for clone and pull too
Doc updates for push, pull, hooks, local tags, and ssh options
Add --ssh and --remotecmd to push This uses the new setconfig options passing mechanism
Add ui.setconfig overlay This can simplify option passing
Fix option parsing bug for empty short options
Make mercurial.el load with GNU emacs
hgweb: sort repository list
Fix hgwebdir virtual start-up
Remove -C alias for --cwd
Add hgwebdir.cgi to
Merge with TAH
TK Soh
bash_completion: support GNU sed 3 and non-GNU sed replaced command 'Q' introduced in GNU sed 4, in order to support platforms with older sed.
Thomas Arendsen Hein
Read global config file /etc/mercurial/hgrc and fix reading hgrc on Windows.
Thomas Arendsen Hein
Removed TODO from
TK Soh
test fixes for Solaris 2.6 Solaris 2.6's stock sed doesn't support alternatives in regular expression. We workaround by breaking up the regexp.
Merge with BOS
Bryan O'Sullivan
In-progress Emacs snapshot.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Merge with MPM.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Merge with MPM.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Initial skeleton for mercurial.el.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Add --cwd global option, to change directory before doing anything. Useful for interacting with a program presenting a UI, such as Emacs.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Modify commands.walk to yield a 4-tuple. The new element of the tuple indicates whether a name is an exact match for one passed in on the command line.
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