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Bryan O'Sullivan
Update doc for ssh URL, describing path handling more clearly.
Thomas Arendsen Hein
Generated new tcsh_completion with
Thomas Arendsen Hein
Added new debug commands to bash_completion.
Add debugancestor command
test-hup: hgrc no longer created at init
hgweb: use ui:username rather than web:contact
Merge with BOS
Add file encoding/decoding support
Bryan O'Sullivan
Clamp negative rev numbers at zero.
mark copy/rename as experimental in the docs
Bryan O'Sullivan
Get all commands that operate on files to honour --verbose and --quiet.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Switch cat command to use walk code.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Add rename/mv command.
Bryan O'Sullivan
The copy tests don't need to invoke cp any longer.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Fix lots of exception-related problems.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Merge with MPM.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Fix up copy command to behave more like regular "cp".
Bryan O'Sullivan
Merge with myself.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Make remove command really unlink files.
Bryan O'Sullivan
mercurial.el: implement hg-pull, and stub in hg-update.
Chris Mason
Files not getting added appropiately
clone: fall back to pull if we can't lock the source repo
Fix hgit revtree bug with stop revision handling
Mikael Berthe
Fix hg cat when the file cannot be found in the specified revision
Stephen Darnell
Add support for cloning with hardlinks on windows.
Convert hgk to use the hgit extension, and upate to the latest gitk
Turn hgit into an extension, and add commands supporting the latest gitk
Add log -b to show the branch a specific revision lives in
Fix off by one in convert-repo tags
Fix bug with co -C across branches, update tests
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