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Frank Kingswood
convert: Perforce source for conversion to Mercurial
Matt Mackall
remove tests for long-gone imerge extension
Augie Fackler
merge: better error messages to lead users to hg update --clean to abandon merges. Fixes issue1533.
Matt Mackall
audit: be even pickier (issue1450)
dispatch: extract command execution block into method This pulls the pre-command hook/command/post-command hook workflow out of the method it is in and puts it into its own method so that it potentially could be exposed for extensions to wrap.
Benoît Allard
bookmarks: change NAME to REV
bookmarks: fixes bug where a deleted bookmark may still be treated as current when track.current option is set
bookmarks: Set current bookmark if we create a new one on the tip If track.current is enabled we set the newly created bookmark as the current tracked bookmark. We do not do this if a revision is specified.
Matt Mackall
convert: change hg.saverev default to False This needlessly breaks changeset identifiers for the common case (cleaning history), which is sad.
Matt Mackall
tag: force load of tag cache
kiilerix avoid using popen2.Popen4 - use subprocess instead Use subprocess to emulate Popen4 if available - similar to how it is done in Using popen2 under python 2.6 gives DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated. Use the subprocess module.
test-convert-cvs*: mute output from "cvs up" Apparently some versions of cvs outputs more than other versions. That is however not relevant for these tests.
Stefano Tortarolo
i18n: update italian translation
Dirkjan Ochtman
merge with crew-stable
Matt Mackall
Merge with stable
Dirkjan Ochtman
merge with stable
Stefan Rusek
include i18n files in the win32 installer The .mo files for translations should be included in the Windows installer.
Dirkjan Ochtman
help: get rid of double spaces
help: miscellaneous language fixes
Dirkjan Ochtman
help: better explanations for some of the template filters In particular, provide some example data for some of the common filters. Thanks go to timeless again for pointing out where we were lacking.
Dirkjan Ochtman
help: better explanation for some of the environment variables In particular, the precedence for usernames is explained in more detail. Thanks to timeless for pointing out the deficiencies here.
help: some language fixes for help topics
Martin Geisler
setup: run hg with empty HGRCPATH for robustness. Otherwise a bad hgrc file can make the version detection fail.
Dirkjan Ochtman
contrib: add hgwebdir.wsgi, to serve as a better example
Dirkjan Ochtman
contrib: bring hgwebdir.fcgi up-to-date with current WSGI practices
Steve Borho
catch CTRL-D at password prompt We caught this exception in ui.prompt(), but not here. Without this, hitting CTRL-D at the password prompt gives a long traceback.
Pascal Quantin
Update Beyond Compare's configuration If there is already a Beyond Compare's instance running when performing a merge from Mercurial, BCompare.exe will exit immediately and the merge will fail. Use the /solo switch to make it always wait (it will open each comparison in it's own window instead of in tabs)
Benoit Boissinot
merge with crew
bookmarks: add force option to command syntax description
Martin Geisler
i18n: updates to the Danish translation
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