Kick Ass Ruby

A kick ass ruby development environment for Windows.

Kick Ass Ruby is an opinioned collection of utilities for developing with Ruby and Rails on Windows Using Console as the command shell and Vim as the editor.


  • Ruby 1.9.2-p290
  • Ruby 1.8.7-p330
  • Rails 3.1
  • Sqlite 3.7.3
  • Git 1.7.6
  • GitExtensions 2.24
  • mongodb 2.0.0
  • Console 2.00b147
  • Vim 7.3.143
  • DiffMerge 3.3.1
  • P4Merge
  • DevKit
  • Andale Mono font distributed at no cost by Microsoft: EULA


Console, GVim, Ruby and other utilities are in your path.

Console is configured to host tabs for: cmd.exe, Git Bash, Cygwin Bash, Powershell and Visual Studio 2010 Command prompt. Shift+right click -> File -> New Tab to open another shell. Shift+Right click -> edit -> settings -> tabs -> move up to change the default shell. Pleasing font and color scheme in all shells.

Simple command line aliases such as "up" to cd up a directory and "x" to launch explorer in the current directory.

Right click on a folder, drive or folder background and select "Console Here" to open a console window in the selected directory.

Right click on any file and choose "Edit with Vim" to open a new tab in Vim. Use with caution, the menu option is available on all files.

GVim is the default editor for txt, xml, html, rb, ini, inf, reg, bat, cmd, js & h files.

Vim Features:

  • Files open in new tabs in a single instance.
  • F2 toggles the NERDtree window.
  • F7 toggles a tag window.
  • F6 and Shift+F6 cycle through selected color schemes.
  • F9 toggles line wrapping.
  • Ctrl+Tab cycles through open tabs.

Vim uses the MacVim icon because life has more than 16 colors.

Ruby, Perl and Python scripts have cool icons in Windows Explorer. :-)

Extras: If you are a Git user, you can right-click on GitGuiHere.inf and/or GitBashHere.inf and choose install under InstallFiles to add these options to your directory context menus.

Installation Instructions:

Prerequisite: Gitextensions has a dependency on the .NET Framework version 3.5.

Clone this repository to your system drive. The installation assumes that the root is %systemdrive%\kickassruby. If you want to install into a different directory, take a moment and edit the value of the KickAssDir string in each of the INF files under InstallFiles with your custom path before running the install.

Run Install.bat AS AN ADMINISTRATOR in the root of the repository. Be patient. The script will download and install all the necessary binaries.

Note: I'm assuming you have TortoiseHG installed and it is in your path.

If there is a problem downloading files, the installation will exit. Simply re-run the install script and it will pick back up by re-downloading the previously failed download.

Your user path is updated by the install script, but you may need to log off and back on to experience the effects.

If you did not already have the Andale Mono font installed, you will need to reboot for it to become available.

Uninstall Instructions:

  • Open Programs and Features from Control Panel and uninstall: RailsInstaller, Ruby, Vim, Perforce Visual Components, DiffMerge, GitExtensions, "DosKey AutoRun", "Edit with Vim" and "Console Here"
  • Open %systemroot%\fonts and uninstall the Andale Mono font.
  • Delete %systemdrive%\KickAssRuby
  • Delete %userprofile%\vimfiles


The scripts are not transactional. If something goes wrong, you'll be left with a partially configured environment.


  • todo - Add logging to Install.bat
  • todo - Create a versioned zip file distribution