Django Courier

Django courier is a django app that allow you to create and issue different types of notifications. Notifications can have different kinds of parameters which allow for convenient editing in the admin.


First, install via pip (on Windows, replace pip3 with pip)

pip3 install django-courier

Then, edit your, adding this line to INSTALLED_APPS



To be completed


This app makes use of the following settings. They can be set in your app's

DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL Address to send emails from (standard django setting)
TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID Twilio account ID (required for Twilio backend)
TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN Twilio authentication token (required for Twilio backend)
TWILIO_FROM_NUMBER Phone # to send Twilio SMS from (required for Twilio backend)
DJANGO_COURIER_BACKENDS List of class names for backends that are in-use/enabled (not required)


  • Show model parameters in admin