Mike Bayer  committed ad7a669

- Compiled is just an object now. the ClauseVisitor portion
is now specific to ANSICompiler.

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File lib/sqlalchemy/

         return ANSIIdentifierPreparer(self)
-class ANSICompiler(engine.Compiled):
+class ANSICompiler(engine.Compiled, sql.ClauseVisitor):
     """Default implementation of Compiled.
     Compiles ClauseElements into ANSI-compliant SQL strings.

File lib/sqlalchemy/engine/

         raise NotImplementedError()
-class Compiled(sql.ClauseVisitor):
+class Compiled(object):
     """Represent a compiled SQL expression.
     The ``__str__`` method of the ``Compiled`` object should produce
         self.parameters = parameters
         self.bind = bind
         self.can_execute = statement.supports_execution()
+    def compile(self):
+        """Produce the internal string representation of this element."""
+        raise NotImplementedError()
     def __str__(self):
         """Return the string text of the generated SQL statement."""