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File docs/CONTRIBUTORS.txt

 listed as developers for the IMDbPY project on sourceforge and may
 share copyright on some (minor) portions of the code:
+NAME: Alberto Malagoli
+CONTRIBUTION: developed the new web site, and detains the copyright of it,
+and provided helper functions and other code.
 NAME: Martin Kirst
 EMAIL: <martin.kirst -->>
 CONTRIBUTION: has done an important refactoring of the imdbpyweb

File docs/CREDITS.txt

 Below, a list of persons who contributed with bug reports, small
 patches and hints (kept in a reverse order since IMDbPY 4.5):
+* John Lambert, Rick Summerhill and Maciej for reports and fixes
+  for the search query.
+* Kaspars "Darklow" Sprogis for an impressive amount of tests and reports about
+  bugs parsing the plain text data files and many new ideas.
+* Damien Stewart for many bug reports about the Windows environment.
+* Vincenzo Ampolo for a bug report about the new imdbIDs save/restore queries.
+* Tomáš Hnyk for the idea of an option to reraise caught exceptions.
+* Emmanuel Tabard for ideas, code and testing on restoring imdbIDs.
+* Fabian Roth for a bug report about the new style of episodes list.
+* Y. Josuin for a bug report on missing info in crazy credits file.
 * Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis for a patch for locales.
 * Gustaf Nilsson for bug reports about BeautifulSoup.
 * Jef "ofthelit", for a patch for the script bug
   reports for Windows.
-* "Darklow" for an impressive amount of tests and reports about
-  a bug about data parsing in the plain text data files.
 * Reiner Herrmann for benchmarks using SSD hard drives.
 * Thomas Stewart for some tests and reports about a bug

File docs/Changelog.txt

   Changelog for IMDbPY
+* What's the new in release 4.9 "Iron Sky" (15 Jun 2012)
+  [general]
+  - urls used to access the IMDb site can be configured.
+  - helpers function to handle movie AKAs in various
+    languages (code by Alberto Malagoli).
+  - renamed the 'articles' module into 'linguistics'.
+  - introduced the 'reraiseExceptions' option, to re-raise
+    evey caught exception.
+  [http]
+  - fix for changed search parameters.
+  - introduced a 'timeout' parameter for connections to the web server.
+  - fix for business information.
+  - parser for the new style of episodes list.
+  - unicode searches handled as iso8859-1.
+  - fix for garbage in AKA titles.
+  [sql]
+  - vastly improved the store/restore of imdbIDs; now it should be faster
+    and more accurate.
+  - now the 'name' table contains a 'gender' field that can be 'm', 'f' or NULL.
+  - fix for nicknames.
+  - fix for missing titles in the crazy credits file.
+  - handled exceptions creating indexes, foreign keys and
+    executing custom queries.
+  - fixed creation on index for keywords.
+  - excluded {{SUSPENDED}} titles.
 * What's the new in release 4.8.2 "The Big Bang Theory" (02 Nov 2011)
   - fixed install path of locales.

File docs/README.devel.txt

  +-> _compat
  +-> _exceptions
  +-> _logging
- +-> articles
+ +-> linguistics
  +-> Movie
  +-> Person
  +-> Character
          (internally used).
 _exceptions: defines the exceptions internally used.
 _logging: provides the logging facility used by IMDbPY.
-articles: defines some functions and data useful to smartly guess the
+linguistics: defines some functions and data useful to smartly guess the
            language of a movie title (internally used).
 Movie: contains the Movie class, used to describe and manage a movie.
 Person: contains the Person class, used to describe and manage a person.

File docs/README.locale.txt

 converting a title into its canonical format.
 It works, but it needs to know something about articles in various
-languages: if you want to help, see the LANG_ARTICLES and _LANG_COUNTRIES
-dictionaries in the 'articles' module.
+languages: if you want to help, see the LANG_ARTICLES and LANG_COUNTRIES
+dictionaries in the 'linguistics' module.
 To know what the language in which a movie title is assumed to be,
 call its 'guessLanguage' method (it will return None, if unable to guess).
 can call its 'smartCanonicalTitle' method, setting the 'lang' argument
+  ==========
+Sometimes it's useful to manage title's AKAs knowing their languages.
+In the 'helpers' module there are some (hopefully) useful functions:
+akasLanguages(movie) - given a movie, return a list of tuples
+                       in (lang, AKA) format (lang can be None, if unable to detect).
+sortAKAsBySimilarity(movie, title) - sorts the AKAs on a movie considering
+                                     how much they are similar to a given title (see
+                                     the code for more options).
+getAKAsInLanguage(movie, lang) - return a list of AKAs of the movie in the given
+                                 language (see the code for more options).

File docs/TODO.txt

   at least for 'http' and 'mobile', since they are used by mobile devices.
 * The analyze_title/build_title functions are grown too complex and
   beyond their initial goals.
-* for the  sql data access system: some episode titles are
-  marked as {{SUSPENDED}}; they should probably be ignored.

File downloads.html

 				<img src="images/Arrow_down.png" alt="" />
-						href="">
-						IMDbPY 4.8.2</a>
+						href="">
+						IMDbPY 4.9</a>
-				<div class="dx">2011-11-01</div>
+				<div class="dx">2012-06-16</div>
 			<div class="docs">
 				<img src="images/rpm.png" alt="" />
-						href="">
+						href="">
 						RPM package</a>
 			<div class="package">
 				<img src="images/rpm.png" alt="" />
-					<a href="">
+					<a href="">
 						SRPM (source) package</a>
 				<img src="images/windows.png" alt="" />
-						href="">
+						href="">
 						Microsoft Windows :</a>
 				<div class="dx">
 					you will probably need also the <a
-						href="">documentation</a>,
+						href="">documentation</a>,
 					not included in the Windows installer
 		<div id="news">
-				<i>02 Nov 2011: </i><b>IMDbPY 4.8.2 and a brand new web site!</b>
+				<i>16 Jun 2012: </i><b>IMDbPY 4.9 released</b>
-			<p>Sorry for the slowdown in the development, but we're back in action!<br />
-			We're SO back in action that we left some installation bug and debug code in 4.8, so
-			4.8.1 is there.  Did anybody said 4.8.1?! 4.8.2, I mean! :-)</p>
+			<p>With the usual hurry, here it is IMDbPY 4.9.<br />
+			</p>
 			<p>As you can see, we also have a shiny new web site, courtesy of Alberto Malagoli.
 			Many thanks to him, and we hope you like it!</p>
-			<p>This release contains major bugfixes and clean-ups; there are for sure
-				a lot of small problems, related to the last redesign of the IMDb web
-				site, but we hope have fixed most of the big problems.<br />
-				<a href="docs/Changelog.txt">Changelog for the 4.8
+			<p>In this release: an urgent fix for the search queries, some new features like a "gender" field for persons in the database, improved performances restoring imdbIDs and many other fixes.<br />
+				<a href="docs/Changelog.txt">Changelog for the 4.9
 		<h1 class="red">
 			<span>#</span>WHAT'S GOIN' ON
+		<p><i>16 Jun 2012: <b>celebrating the new release!</b></i><br />
+		Be happy, a shiny new version of IMDbPY is out!
+		</p>
 		<p><i>27 May 2012: <b>workaround for slowness</b></i><br />
 		If you experience some massive slowdown of the <tt></tt> script, especially on Ubuntu 12.04, please try installing SQLAlchemy and adding the <tt>&quot;-o sqlalchemy&quot;</tt> option to the command line.
 		In the repository, there are already many fixes and some huge improvements in the handling of imdbIDs in the SQL database. Moreover, <i><a href="">Emmanuel Tabard</a></i> kindly joined the development team.  Welcome!
-		<p><i>02 Nov 2011: <b>Celebrating the new release!</b></i><br />
-		Since a recent redesign of the IMDb's pages, IMDbPY was badly
-			broken; starting with 4.7 and 4.8 we're working to fix it, but some help is
-			still needed; see <a href="">this thread</a> for more information.</p>

File support.html

-		<p>These are some of the documents for the current stable (4.8)
+		<p>These are some of the documents for the current stable (4.9)
 			IMDbPY release.</p>
 		<div id="docs">
 			<div class="doc">