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 				<div>Alberto Malagoli</div>
 			<div class="program">
+				<div class="dx">pyIRDG is a program written in Python to generate relational datasets in Prolog format, with a Qt GUI.  It's released under the GNU GPL license version 2.
+					</div>
+				<h2>
+					<a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyirdg/" target="_blank">PyIRDG</a>
+				</h2>
+				<div>Jef Van den Brandt</div>
+			</div>
+			<div class="program">
 				<div class="dx">MovieDB is an application that lets you easily
 					manage your digital movie collection for Mac OS X. It's released
 					under the MIT license.</div>