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hack for searches returing episode of tv series

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   Changelog for IMDbPY
-* What's the new in release 5.0dev20120829 "Misfits Season 3" (29 Aug 2012)
+* What's the new in release 5.0dev20121210 "Trouble with the Curve" (10 Dec 2012)
   - Introduced the list of French articles.
+  - first fixes for new result pages.
   - fixed url for top250.
   - changed query separators from ; to &.
 __all__ = ['IMDb', 'IMDbError', 'Movie', 'Person', 'Character', 'Company',
-__version__ = VERSION = '5.0dev20120829'
+__version__ = VERSION = '5.0dev20121210'
 # Import compatibility module (importing it is enough).
 import _compat
         doYear = 0
         if ptdf:
             doYear = 1
+        # XXX: for results coming from the new search page.
+        if not isinstance(episode_of, dict):
+            episode_of = {'title': episode_of, 'kind': 'tv series'}
+            if 'series year' in title_dict:
+                episode_of['year'] = title_dict['series year']
         pre_title = build_title(episode_of, canonical=canonicalSeries,
                                 ptdf=0, _doYear=doYear,
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