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File docs/CREDITS.txt

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 Below, a list of persons who contributed with bug reports, small
 patches and hints (kept in a reverse order since IMDbPY 4.5):
+* Haukur Páll Hallvarðsson for a patch on query parameters.
 * Arthur de Peretti-Schlomoff for a list of French articles and
   fixes to Spanish articles.

File docs/Changelog.txt

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   Changelog for IMDbPY
-* What's the new in release 5.0dev20120804 "Sleep Tight" (04 Aug 2012)
+* What's the new in release 5.0dev20120829 "Misfits Season 3" (29 Aug 2012)
   - Introduced the list of French articles.
   - fixed url for top250.
+  - changed query separators from ; to &.
 * What's the new in release 4.9 "Iron Sky" (15 Jun 2012)

File imdb/__init__.py

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 __all__ = ['IMDb', 'IMDbError', 'Movie', 'Person', 'Character', 'Company',
-__version__ = VERSION = '5.0dev20120804'
+__version__ = VERSION = '5.0dev20120829'
 # Import compatibility module (importing it is enough).
 import _compat