Problem with getting currentRole for person's movie list

Issue #3 resolved
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In [1]: from imdb import IMDb

In [2]: ia = IMDb()

In [3]: person = ia.get_person('0000454') # dennis hopper

In [4]: person['actor'][112].currentRole # must contains "Billy" (Easy Rider) Out[4]: <Character id:None[http] name:None>

In [5]: [movie.currentRole for movie in person['actor']] Out[5]: [<Character id:None[http] name:None>, <Character id:None[http] name:None>, ..... <Character id:None[http] name:None>] }}}

Getting currentRole of movie's cast works correctly

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  1. Davide Alberani repo owner

    Thank you for the bug report.

    I will take a look at it ASAP, even if right now my time is very limited, unfortunately. :-/

    As you probably know, we're fixing the parsers after the recent IMDb redesign:

    As usual, any help is welcome: the development for these fixes takes place in the repository.

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