IMDb gateway

NOTE: to use the IMDb's web site and data, you've to accept the conditions
      listed here:
      See also the "DISCLAIMER.txt" file in the documentation of the
      IMDbPY package.

This is a simple gateway to the IMDb site, based on the IMDbPY package;
it can be used to access IMDb's data from a simple low-band terminal,
as a mobile phone with WAP support.

You've to copy the '' and '' files that you can
find in the ./cgi-bin directory to the directory of the CGI of your web
server (e.g.: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/, on some systems).

Then you've to copy the './ig' directory under the root directory of
your web server.
The 'index.php' file is a php page, used to select the right page
for the requiring browser (it can be a wap terminal, or a normal
The 'html_index' file is the main page for html/http browsers, while
the 'wml_index' file is the main page for wml/wap/mobile browsers.

Remember that you've to modify:
1. the 'html_index' file, so that the "action" attribute of the "form"
   element points to the '' cgi.
2. if you want wap/mobile access, modify the 'wml_index', changing
   the "href" attribute of the "go" element to the path of the
   '' cgi.
3. the first lines of the '' and '' scripts
   contain the SHOWITEM_PATH and MAIN_PAGE variables; these should
   point, respectively, to the path of the 'showitem' cgi and to the
   path of the main search page.
4. you can set a web proxy, which will be used to access the IMDb
   site, modifying the HTTP_PROXY variable in the '' and
   '' scripts (leave it to 'None' and no proxy will be used).
5. in the 'index.php' file you can uncomment the first block of code
   to log web accesses (you've also to create the ../../data/ directory)


The '' and the '' cgi output is always HTML, but
it's should be easily converted by your gateway/proxy; if this's not
the case, try using the html2wml script/cgi.


The code is covered by the GPL license.


You can contact me at Davide Alberani <>
My homepage:

Feel free to contact me for any ideas, bug reports and everything else. :-)


- version 1.0 (24 Dec 2008)
  - support for episodes.
  - fix for the new 'plot' and 'biography' texts.

- version 0.9 (08 Jun 2008)
  - support for companies.

- version 0.8 (15 Nov 2007)
  - updated to be compatible with character pages (supported!).

- version 0.7 (26 Sep 2006)
  - fixed unicode-related bugs.


I'd like to thank the following people:
- Tudza, for many bug reports.