Demo cgi for IMDbPY.

Randomly jumps from an actor/actress/director to other people
using the information from IMDb, for the fun of it.

IMDbPY page:

License: GPL

copy the "" and "" files from the ./cgi-bin/
to your cgi-bin directory; be sure they're executables.
Copy the ./html/index.html somewhere in your web pages.
By default the cgi scripts assumes the the index.html
is in the directory /imdbpyople/ under the root of your
web server's pages; modify the scripts accordingly to the
location you choose.

Use: point your browser to the index.html page. :-)

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Sometimes you can find me in IRC on channels #python, #linux-it and
so on over with the nick 'Mad77'.

Feel free to contact me for any ideas, bug reports and everything else. :-)