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Replace Django 1.0 by Django 1.3 in requirements in README, and use logging to log error on 404

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 `django-mailman` is tested and works with mailman version 2.1.5.
 It's possible that mailman also works with the 2.1.x series, but I guess it wouldn't work with the 3.x series which is under development at the moment
-`django-mailman` requires Django 1.0 or later.
+`django-mailman` requires Django 1.3 or later.


 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
 import re
 import urllib2
+import logging
 from types import UnicodeType
 from django.db import models
     'unsubscribees_upload': None,
+logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
 def check_encoding(value, encoding):
     if isinstance(value, UnicodeType) and encoding != 'utf-8':
         value = value.encode(encoding)
             content =, data).read()
         except urllib2.HTTPError as error:
-            print "%s %s" % (error, url)
+            logger.error("%s %s" % (error, url))
             return []
         (letters, members, chunks) = self.__parse_member_content(content, self.encoding)