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#2 Merged

Add list_lists in management commands

  1. Rodolphe Quiédeville

Please find in this pull request a managent command to print on stdout all list plus a minor improvement in models.py on 404 error Use logging and increase Django minimal version to 1.3+ Move up the logger instantiation

Comments (9)

  1. Albert O'Connor

    Looks great to me.

    Thanks so much for your contribution.

    The doc string in handle is probably not needed.

    Let me know if you want to change anything before I accept the pull request.

  2. Albert O'Connor

    I don't need to decline, it we can keep going back and forth until we are both happy.

    I am not sure if printing is the right reaction to an error like the one you are catching. In contexts like Django it isn't good just to print things out.

    Leveraging logging might make more sense though that comes with its own conf and baggage.

  3. Albert O'Connor

    I think logging would be better than print. It might make sense to adjust which version of Django are required to be 1.3+, but that would require some more testing.

    What version of Django are you using currently? I think I am using 1.3 right now with this app (I haven't worked on the code in awhile.)

  4. Albert O'Connor

    For now I think it is good enough to update the README to note logging is required and Django 1.3+ is recommended.

    Thanks again for working on this. I hope you have found it useful.