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Welcome to Rum

Rum is a framework to develop CRUD web applications, usually used in the "admin" back-end of a website. Are you tired of implementing over and over again those boring forms so the maintainers of a site can update their content? Rum can help you develop them faster and with fewer bugs so you can concentrate on the fun and creative stuff which your clients will pay you for.

Rum is written in the Python programming language and can be plugged into any server or web-application that implements the WSGI API.

It has a pluggable architecture so different data back-ends and user interfaces can be mixed and matched. There's currently only one data back-end implemented to support SQLAlchemy mapped classes and one "static html" user interface which uses tw.forms. There's an AJAX client using Dojo in the works... stay tuned.

To minimize unwanted dependencies rum is split into several Repositories.

Rum is already being used in production as the admin backend of several sites.


Rum and its core components are released under a permissive open source license which basically allows you to do whatever you want with the code you're given (including the right to use it in a closed-source commercial application) as long as the copyright notice is distributed too.

More than CRUD

RUM can also be used to develop web applications: MoreThanCrud. It is designed to keep simple things simple and difficult things possible: SortByRelation, QueryingRelatedObjects.

Is is also possible to enrich RUM applications by calls of a WebService to other resources. Further more sophisticated LayoutModifications are possible. It integrates well with SQLAlchemys facilities for AdvancedDataMapping. We try to build up a collection of RumRecipes.