An Anki add-on to automatically move saved images of the graphs and statistics to a user-specified directory, since Anki doesn't let users choose where to save them. The images can be optionally mirrored to a second directory. It’s currently in version 0.2.0, so backup any images you don't want to lose. (You should be doing this anyway.) It has only has been tested on Mac OS X, but would probably work on other Unix-like OSes.


The best way to install is to go to Tools>Add-ons>Browse & Install and copy and paste the code into the box: 2434808453. Then skip down to configuration.

From repository

Download the source with hg clone or from the project's downloads page. Then copy into your add-ons folder. (On my machine, the add-ons are in a sudirectory of where the decks are, in ~/Documents/Anki/addons.)

Or if you have Fabric and use Mac OS X, run fab install. (Note that this will overwrite any file named in the directory.)


Open the script through Tools>Add-ons>screenshot-archiver>Edit. You will see a few lines that look like this:

SRC = "~/Desktop/"
DEST = "~/Pictures/Screenshots/"

Change the path after SRC and the equals sign to wherever screenshots are stored on your machine. (If you run Mac OS X, the default is probably okay.) Chnage the path after DEST to wherever you want screenshots to be.

A few lines down, there is another option. If you want files to be saved to a second location automatically, say, your Dropbox, fill in the BACKUP field.


By default it is empty, which turns backup off. Note that your already-archived images are not backed up, only those that are made after turning the feature on.


Send comments or questions to my email. Report bugs or submit pull requests at the project's Bitbucket repository. Reviews on the Anki add-ons page are appreciated.