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Fixed comment deleting problem (stripped table_prefix)

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 			# execute query
 			# using SQL because Storm manual is incomplete...
-"DELETE FROM `%scomments` WHERE id_ IN (%s)" % (config.database.table_prefix, id_),
-			noresult=True)
+"DELETE FROM `comments` WHERE id_ IN (%s)" % id_, noresult=True)
 			web.webapi.header("Content-Type","text/html; charset=utf-8") 
 			page_html = '<em class="confirmation">deleted</em>'
-					"action":"%s%s/%s/%s/%s" % (config.general.base_url, date[0], date[1], date[2], article.url_id),
+					"action":"%s%s/%s/%s/%s.html" % (config.general.base_url, date[0], date[1], date[2], article.url_id),
 					"tags": article.tags,


 jQuery(".add_content_here .expand").click(function(event){
-	jQuery(".add_content_here form").toggle("slow");
+	jQuery(".add_content_here form").toggle("fast");
 	jQuery(".add_content_here span.label").toggleClass("activated");
 			var answer = confirm("Cancel these changes?")
 			if (answer) {
+				jQuery("div.article").toggle('fast')
+				jQuery("div.article").toggle('fast')
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