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Point-blank Installation
* Author: Alec Henriksen <>
* Contributors: -

This document gives you instructions for installing Point-blank. Instructions for particular setups are below.

Basic Requirements
You will need:

* mysqldb, postgreSQL, or psycopg2
  (depending on database type)
* python-markdown
* wsgi server

General Configuration and Installation
Follow these steps:

1. To begin, open `config.rc` and fill out the file according to your needs. Make sure to configure your database information!
2. Create the database and execute the `clean.sql` file.
3. Configure your web server to run the Point-blank WSGI web application, ``. (Specific instructions below.)

Apache 2 Installation

Install the mod_wsgi module and add this to your virtual host file (possibly `/etc/apache2/sites-available/default`):

	WSGIScriptAlias /myblog /var/www/point-blank/
	* Change to wherever is on your filesystem.

This will make http://servername/point-blank point to the WSGI application.