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Added an ordering criteria

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     class Meta:
         verbose_name = _("message")
         verbose_name_plural = _("messages")
-        ordering = ['-sent_at']
+        ordering = ['-sent_at', '-id']
     def __unicode__(self):
         return u"{0}>{1}:{2}".format(self.obfuscated_sender, self.obfuscated_recipient, truncate_words(self.subject,5))
 from datetime import datetime, timedelta
 import re
 import sys
-from time import sleep
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.contrib.auth import REDIRECT_FIELD_NAME
         "Check that a date is now. Well... almost."
         delta = dt -
         seconds = delta.days * (24*60*60) + delta.seconds
-        self.assert_(-7 <= seconds <= 2) # consider the sleep() in create()
+        self.assert_(-2 <= seconds <= 1) # -1 is not enough for Mysql
     def check_status(self, m, status=STATUS_PENDING, is_new=True, is_replied=False, parent=None, thread=None,
         moderation_date=False, moderation_by=None, moderation_reason='',
     def create(self, moderation_status=None, *args, **kwargs):
         "Create a message."
-        # need to sleep between creations
-        # otherwise some sent_at datetimes are equal and ordering predictions are disturbed
-        # sleep(0.03) is enough for sqlite but not for mysql ("... microseconds cannot be stored into a column of any temporal data type. Any microseconds part is discarded.")
-        sleep(1)
         if moderation_status:
         return Message.objects.create(subject='s', *args, **kwargs)
         del data['email']
         response =, data, HTTP_REFERER=url)
         self.assertRedirects(response, url)
-        msgs = list(Message.objects.order_by('pk'))
-        self.check_message(msgs[0])
-        self.check_message(msgs[1], recipient_username='baz')
+        msgs = list(Message.objects.all())
+        self.check_message(msgs[0], recipient_username='baz')
+        self.check_message(msgs[1])
         url_with_max = reverse('postman_write_with_max')
         response =, data, HTTP_REFERER=url)
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