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The Facts

Did you know that data centers create more environmental pollution than airplane traffic?

With the growing expansion of the Internet, the boom of personal computing and ever-dropping prices for the gigabit, digital resources — including pixels and ASCII characters — are excessively exploited. An important solution is a smarter software technology that will, in the end, lower hardware expenses and electricity consumption through smarter, more efficient and sustainable use of bits. This will prevent a shortage of digital resources and allow to continue high tech lifestyles and economies in the future.

The Solution

Datateb is an add-on to your operating system that implements, figuratively speaking, "digital waste management". Using the familiar computer desktop icon and user metaphor of the recycling bin, it implements — for the first time — smart digital waste separation through a number of specialized recycling bins for different types of data, providing more efficient, customized recycling strategies that minimize superfluous consumption of storage and transmission bits on personal computers.

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