Aleš Erjavec avatar Aleš Erjavec committed 57399ad

Fixed two memory leaks.

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     if ((*name >= 'A') && (*name <= 'Z')) {
       *name ^= 32;
-    return PyString_FromString(name);
+    PyObject * orangename = PyString_FromString(name);
+    free(name);
+    return orangename;


   for(const char *pi = path, *pe=pi; *pi; pi = pe+1) {
     for(pe = pi; *pe && *pe != sep; pe++);
     const int plen = pe-pi;
-    char *npath = strncpy(new char[plen+flen+2], pi, pe-pi);
+    char *npath = new char[plen + flen + 2];
+    strncpy(npath, pi, pe - pi);
     if (!plen || (pi[plen] != pathsep)) {
       npath[plen] = pathsep;
       strcpy(npath+plen+1, filename);
       strcpy(npath+plen, filename);
     PyObject *res = loadDataFromFileNoSearch(type, npath, argstuple, keywords, generatorOnly);
+    delete[] npath;
     if (res) {
       return res;
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