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Diff from to


     def __init__(self, parent=None, signalManager=None,
         OWWidget.__init__(self, parent, signalManager, title,
-                          wantMainArea=False)
+                          wantMainArea=False, resizingEnabled=False)
  = "Earth Learner" = 1
                        tooltip="Name for the learner/predictor")
         box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "Forward Pass", addSpace=True)
-        OWGUI.spin(box, self, "degree", 1, 3, step=1,
-                   label="Max. term degree",
+        form = QFormLayout(
+            labelAlignment=Qt.AlignLeft, formAlignment=Qt.AlignLeft,
+            fieldGrowthPolicy=QFormLayout.AllNonFixedFieldsGrow)
+        box.layout().addLayout(form)
+        b1 = OWGUI.widgetBox(box, "")
+        OWGUI.spin(b1, self, "degree", 1, 3, step=1,
                    tooltip="Maximum degree of the terms derived "
                            "(number of hinge functions).")
-        s = OWGUI.spin(box, self, "terms", 1, 200, step=1,
-                       label="Max. terms",
+        b2 = OWGUI.widgetBox(box, "")
+        s = OWGUI.spin(b2, self, "terms", 1, 200, step=1,
                        tooltip="Maximum number of terms derived in the "
                                "forward pass.")
+        form.addRow("Max. term degree", b1)
+        form.addRow("Max. terms", b2)
         box = OWGUI.widgetBox(self.controlArea, "Pruning Pass", addSpace=True)
         OWGUI.doubleSpin(box, self, "penalty", min=0.0, max=10.0, step=0.25,
                    label="Knot penalty")
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