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Earth Learner


  • Data (Table)
  • Learner

    The Earth learning algorithm with parameters as specified in the dialog.

  • Predictor

    Trained regressor

  • Basis Matrix (Table)

    A data table of induced basis terms.

Signal Predictor sends the regressor only if signal Data is present.


This widget constructs a Earth learning algorithm (an implementation of the MARS - Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines). As all widgets for classification and regression, this widget provides a learner and classifier/regressor on the output. Learner is a learning algorithm with settings as specified by the user. It can be fed into widgets for testing learners, for instance Test Learners.


After changing one or more settings, you need to push 5 Apply, which will put the new learner on the output and, if the training examples are given, construct a new predictor and output it as well.


Lets use the learner to train a model on a data subset and test it on unseen instances.