To get your PDF copy of the articles, type `make -B 00.pdf` at least three
times. Repeating is required for TOC and hyperlinks to go in place as TeX
can't fix them up in one run.

Alternatively, you may want to make a PDF of a single article. Just substitute
00.pdf with the name of article's file s/tex/pdf/.

The 00.tex file contains a number of hacks and dark magic to make it possible
to compile each article separately. Unfortunately, that magic isn't perfect
and leads to some strange things like empty numbered pages at the very end of
the book. The most important settings are found in preamble.tex --- it's
included into every article's file. Please don't substitute the
\input{preamble.tex} instruction with the actual preamble, as 00.tex redefines
\input command to skip multiple preamble inclusion. If you have to add
something to the preamble please append your commands to the preamble.tex file.

Also please note that automatic hyphenation for languages other than Russian
doesn't work. No portable solution found yet, and that can lead to overfull
lines. Please fix them by specifying the correct hypenation either inline, or
in preamble.tex (for recurring hyphenation problems).