- working linux framebuffer
    - libcairo
    - libpoppler or libpoppler-glib


If you're very lucky you can just do::

    $ ./waf configure build

If you're unlucky, look at the help (./waf --help) or try the following.

Missings Poppler headers

Because gade-pdf-la needs headers files that are private in poppler,
some headers files may miss you (they are not installed by distribution
packages like in debian, red hat, archlinux, etc.)

So you will need to download and uncompress the source tarball
( that corresponds to your installed poppler
library, then do

    $ CPATH=/path/to/poppler ./waf configure build

Missing reference to poppler symbols

You may have trouble with missing symbols at linking time
(undefined reference to `CairoOutputDev::CairoOutputDev()` for instance).

If you've installed the library from a distribution package, you can try to
link with the poppler-glib (you may have to install the corresponding package)::

    $ ./waf configure --poppler=poppler-glib

If you've compiled poppler manually, you can re-compile it with the
--enable-cairo-output config option

Missing libraries

The gade-pdf-la build tools will try to find the required libraries in common
UNIX places (in ``/usr/lib`` and ``/usr/lib/<libname>`` for instance). If you're
library files are in other places, you may give the directory list within the ``LIBPATH``
enironment variable::

    $ LIBPATH=/usr/local/lib:$HOME/.local/lib ./waf configure build

My command line

here is my command line::

    $ CPATH=$PWD/poppler-0.18.0/poppler ./waf configure build --poppler=poppler-glib

The ``./waf`` tools have many other options to tune the build process ...

Building manually

You may not want to use the ``./waf`` tools. It is very simple to manually build
gade-pdf-la. Here is an example of command line to do so::

    $ g++ -Wno-write-strings -DPOPPLER_MAJOR=0 -DPOPPLER_MINOR=12
    -I/usr/include/cairo -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/poppler/
    -c src/poppler-clib.cxx
    $ gcc -c -Wall -pedantic -I/usr/include/cairo src/main.c
    $ gcc -o gade-pdf-la main.o poppler-clib.o -lpoppler-glib


    $ ./waf install

:Note: Only one executable file is generated: ``gade-pdf-la`` (in the ``./build/``
       directory by default). So copy it to any ``PATH`` foler, for example: ``/usr/bin``.


    $ gade-pdf-la file.pdf

gade-pdf-la shall run from within screen, tmux, links, elinks

Specifying the target terminal number (tty8)::

    $ gade-pdf-la -c 8

Specifying the source tty device (to get configuration)::

    $ gade-pdf-la -t /dev/tty -c 8

Testing poppler-clib

    $ gcc -I/usr/include/cairo -c src/test-poppler-clib.c
    $ gcc -o test-poppler-clib test-poppler-clib.o poppler-clib.o -lpoppler-glib
    $ ./test-poppler-clib test.pdf out.png


Work under the WTFPL v2.