Alain Leufroy avatar Alain Leufroy committed 8b0b721

[gui.qt] subprocessbox: disable user edition

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 # used for tests
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     import sys
+    from limma.ui.gui.qt import get_ui
     from limma.ui.gui.qt.mainwindow import MainWindow
     from limma.ui.gui.qt.sheet import Sheet
     from limma.ui.gui.qt.elements import TextBox, SubprocessBox, PathBox
             item.edited.connect(lambda i: show("."))
         item.append(PathBox('My  path'))
-        item.append(SubprocessBox('My  title', 'some content \n' * 20))
+        with open(get_ui(Item.__ui__)) as fid:
+            item.append(SubprocessBox('My  title',


-    <height>229</height>
+    <height>231</height>
   <property name="windowTitle">
+     <property name="undoRedoEnabled">
+      <bool>false</bool>
+     </property>
+     <property name="lineWrapMode">
+      <enum>QPlainTextEdit::NoWrap</enum>
+     </property>
+     <property name="readOnly">
+      <bool>true</bool>
+     </property>
+     <property name="plainText">
+      <string notr="true"/>
+     </property>
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