Signing in via social networks.
Plugin for esoTalk forum engine.

Supported services

  1. Google plus
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Vkontakte

Steps to install

  1. Download and extract plugin
  2. Rename plugin folder to OpauthConnect (case sensitive!)
  3. Move plugin to esoTalk plugin directory (in newest version it is "addons/plugins")
  4. Enable plugin on esoTalk administration page
  5. Check needed social networks and enter credentials
  6. Go to your social application settings and add some info:
    • For Facebook:
      1. Go to
      2. Select your application
      3. Select Settings in left menu
      4. Add your website (or edit existing Site URL)
      5. Navigate to Advanced tab
      6. Enable Client OAuth Login
      7. Add to Valid OAuth redirect URIs value
      8. Select Status & Review in left menu
      9. Make your application public
    • For Google:
      1. Go to
      2. Select APIs & auth -> Credentials in left menu
      3. Create new Client ID or edit existing
      4. Set to Authorized redirect URI value
    • For Twitter:
      1. Go to
      2. Select your application
      3. Navigate to Settings tab
      4. Set to Callback URL value
    • For Vkontakte:
      1. Go to
      2. Find your application and click Manage
      3. Navigate to Settings tab
      4. Set to Base domain your domain name (e.g.
      5. Set to Site address your site address (e.g.
  7. Add following code where you want to display login buttons
    <?php $this->trigger("RenderOpauth"); ?>

Steps to update from v1.0+ to v2.0+

One note before we start. After updating you will lose some information about users, but no worries. This will not affect Google and Facebook users (they just need to press "complete authorization" button after first login attempt), but Twitter users have to enter and confirm their email address once more.

  1. Backup your database (Recommended)
  2. Don't forget to backup your custom templates (if any)
  3. Update your config file "config/config.php"
    There is no way to update it automatically, so you have to do it by yourself.
    By default there is no writing permission to config file. You have to add it first.
    Find lines started with prefix plugin.opauthconnect and replace this prefix to OpauthConnect
  4. Do needed steps to install

Customizing templates

No need to edit templates directly in plugin directory and then taking care about your templates after update. You can overwrite needed templates in your skin. You can overwrite any template. But I would recommend to customize only emails and login buttons templates.
Here are some steps:

  1. Take a look on views structure in plugin folder and find needed template
  2. Go to your skin views directory "addons/skins/yourskinname/views". If you are not using custom skin you can choose "Default", but in this case be careful with next esoTalk updates.
  3. Add needed template to skin views folder.
    For example, your need to customize login buttons. So the filepath is social/oc_buttons.php. You have to create folder social in your skin views directory, then add file oc_buttons.php to newly created folder.
    Done! Now plugin is using your template instead of original.
  4. To be aware of what variables you can use in your custom templates, take a look on comments in original plugin templates