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corrected "version: 0 . 1" in Eco docs

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     After the initialization stage, the only packages possible to load with #atomo:(use:) will be the ones determined to be "safe" by the dependency resolution.
     If a required package is not available, #atomo:@package-unavailable:needed: is raised.
     If no versions of a package satisfy given constraints, #atomo:@no-versions-of:satisfy:for: is raised.
     Install the package at #atomo:path to #code:{~/.eco}.
     Required files: #code:{main.atomo}, #code:{package.eco}.
     The two required files and anything listed in the package's #atomo:(include:) field are recursively copied to #code:{~/.eco/(package name)/(package version)}.
     Files listed in the package's #atomo:(executables:) field are copied to #code:{~/.eco/bin} and their executable flag is set to True (ie, #code:{+x}).
         name: "ehtml"
         description: "embedded html dsl"
-        version: 0 . 1
+        version: (0 . 1)
         author: "Alex Suraci"