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The PyPy project aims at producing a flexible and fast Python_
implementation.  The guiding idea is to translate a Python-level
description of the Python language itself to lower level languages.
Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C which is
nonsense, isn't it?  `more...`_

.. _Python:
.. _`more...`: architecture.html#mission-statement 

Leysin Winter Sports Sprint, 12th - 19th January 2008

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The next PyPy sprint will be held in Leysin, Switzerland, for
the fifth time.  The overall idea of the sprint is to continue
working on making PyPy ready for general use. 

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The proposed topics are: ctypes, JIT, testing, LLVM.  This is
a fully public sprint, so newcomers and other topics are
welcome.  And like previous winters, the main side goal is to
have fun in winter sports :-) See the `sprint announcement`__
for details.

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.. __:

PyPy blog started

A few days ago some of the PyPy developers started a `PyPy Status Blog`_. Let's
see how this works out. *(November 13th, 2007)*

.. _`PyPy Status Blog`:

PyPy/Squeak Sprint in Bern finished

The Bern sprint, being the first Squeak-PyPy-collaboration-sprint is finished.
The week was very intense and productive, see `Bern Sprint Summary blog post`_
for a list of things we accomplished. We covered most of what happened during
the sprint in quite some detail on the `PyPy Squeak blog`_.  The sprint was
hosted by the Software Composition Group of the University of Bern from the
22nd to the 26th of October 2007.

.. _`Bern sprint announcement`:
.. _`people that are known to come`:
.. _`Bern Sprint Summary blog post`:
.. _`PyPy Squeak blog`:

PyPy Sprint in Gothenburg: 19nd-25th November 2007

The next post-EU-project PyPy sprint will be in Gothenburg, Sweden. It will
focus on cleaning up the PyPy codebase and making it ready for the next round
of improvements. It is a "public" sprint but it will probably be more suitable
for people already somewhat acquainted with PyPy.  For more information see the
`Gothenburg sprint announcement`_ or a list of the `people that are known to
come to Gothenburg`_.

.. _`Gothenburg sprint announcement`:
.. _`people that are known to come to Gothenburg`:

PyPy Sprint at EuroPython, Vilnius is finished

The sprint at the last EuroPython_ conference in Vilnius from the 9th to
the 11th of July, 2007 is finished. For more information
see the `Vilnius sprint announcement`_.

.. _EuroPython:
.. _`Vilnius sprint announcement`:

Review passed with flying colours

On the 31st of May 2007 the PyPy project was reviewed by the EU
Commission in Brussels. Reviewers were Roel Wuyts, Unversit� Libre de
Bruxelles and Aki Lumiaho, Ramboll, Finland. Present was also our
Project Officer, Charles McMillan. After 6 hours of presentations of
the various aspects of the project, it only took the reviewers a few
minutes to decide that the project was accepted, without any further
work being required. Professor Wuyts, who has dynamic programming
languages as his main field of research was very enthusiastic about
the entire project and the results with the Just In Time Compiler
Generator in particular. He offered his help in establishing
collaborations with the communities around Prolog, Smalltalk, Lisp and
other dynamic languages, as well as giving hints on how to get our
results most widely pubicized.

The preparations for the review left the team rather exhausted so
development progress will be rather slow until the sprint at
Europython in the second week of July.

PyPy EU funding period over, Review ahead 

The 28 month EU project period of PyPy is over and new things are to come!  
On 11th May we `submitted last documents`_ to the European Union and are now 
heading towards a 31st May Review Meeting in Bruxelles.  The `PyPy EU Final
Activity Report`_ summarizes what we did and what we have in mind
on technical, scientific and community levels.  It also contains reflections 
and recommendations possibly interesting to other projects aiming at 
EU funded Open Source research. *(12th May, 2007)* 

.. _`submitted last documents`: 
.. _`PyPy EU Final Activity Report`:

PyPy 1.0: JIT compiler generator, optimizations and more

We are proud to release PyPy 1.0.0, our sixth public release (Download_).  See
the `release announcement <release-1.0.0.html>`__ to read about the
many new features in this release, especially the results of our
JIT generation technology.  See also our detailed instructions on
how to `get started`_. *(March 27th, 2007)*

.. _Download: getting-started.html#just-the-facts
.. _`get started`: getting-started.html

PyPy Trillke Sprints (25-28th Feb and 1-5th March 2007) finished

Both of the sprints that mark the end of the EU period are over. There were very
good results, both on a `report level`_ as well as on a `technical level`_.
The sprint also had a good discussion about the future of PyPy after the EU
project ends, see the `mail Armin wrote`_ and `the meeting's minutes`_. You can
also look at the pictures that `Carl Friedrich`_ and that `Lene took`_ during
the sprint or read the `sprint announcement`_. *(March 10th, 2007)*

.. _`sprint announcement`:
.. _`report level`: 
.. _`technical level`:
.. _`Carl Friedrich`:
.. _`Lene took`:
.. _`mail Armin wrote`:
.. _`the meeting's minutes`:

PyPy 0.99.0: optimizations, backends, new object spaces and more

We are proud to release PyPy 0.99.0, our fifth public release.  See
the `release announcement <release-0.99.0.html>`__ to read about the
many new features in this release.  See also our detailed instructions on
how to `get started`_. *(February 17th, 2007)*

.. _`get started`: getting-started.html

py lib 0.9.0: py.test, distributed execution, greenlets and more

Our development support and testing library was publically released, see the 
`0.9 release announcement <>`__
and its extensive `online documentation <>`__. 
*(February 15th, 2007)*

Leysin Winter Sports Sprint, 8th - 14th January 2007

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The PyPy Leysin sprint is over. We worked hard on various topics, including
preparing the upcoming py-lib and PyPy releases. For more details, see the
`Leysin sprint report`_, the `Leysin announcement`_ and the
`list of people present`_.

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.. _`Leysin announcement`:
.. _`Leysin sprint report`:
.. _`list of people present`:

Massive Parallelism and Translation Aspects

Our next big `EU report`_ about Stackless features, optimizations, and
memory management is finished.  You can download it `as pdf`_.

.. _`EU report`: index-report.html
.. _`as pdf`:

Duesseldorf sprint #2, 30th October - 5th November over

The Duesseldorf sprint is over. It was a very productive sprint with work done
in various areas. Read the `sprint report`_ for a detailed description of what
was achieved and the `full announcement`_ for various details.

.. _`full announcement`:
.. _`sprint report`:

Dynamic Languages Symposium (OOPSLA, 23rd October)

We will present a paper at the `Dynamic Languages Symposium`_ describing
`PyPy's approach to virtual machine construction`_.  The DLS is a
one-day forum within OOPSLA'06 (Portland, Oregon, USA).  The paper is a
motivated overview of the annotation/rtyping translation tool-chain,
with experimental results.

As usual, terminology with PyPy is delicate :-)  Indeed, the title is
both correct and misleading - it does not describe "the" PyPy virtual
machine, since we have never hand-written one.  This paper focuses on
how we are generating such VMs, not what they do.

.. _`Dynamic Languages Symposium`:
.. _`PyPy's approach to virtual machine construction`:

Summer of PyPy: Calls for proposals open now! 

Happily, we are able to offer students mentoring and full sprint
participant's funding if we receive a proposal outlining an
interesting project related to PyPy and its development tools.  This
follows up on the "Summer of Code" campaign from Google but is
completely independent from it and also works differently. 
See the full call for details:

Ireland sprint 21st-27th August 

The last PyPy sprint happened in the nice city of 
Limerick in Ireland from 21st till 27th August.  
The main focus of the sprint was on JIT compiler works, 
various optimization works, porting extension modules, 
infrastructure works like a build tool for PyPy and
extended (distributed) testing. 
Read the full `announcement`_ for more details. 

.. _`announcement`:

Release of PyPy video documentation

The PyPy team is happy to announce that the first bunch of PyPy videos
can now be downloaded from:

The videos introduce involved people and contain different talks, tutorials and
interviews and can be downloaded via bittorrent. **29th June 2006**

PyPy 0.9.0

We are proud to release PyPy 0.9.0, our fourth public release.  See
the `release announcement <release-0.9.0.html>`__ to read about the
many new features in this release.

PyPy and Summer of Code 2006

PyPy will again mentor students through Google's `Summer of Code`_
campaign. Three students will kick-off their work on PyPy by
participating in the Duesseldorf sprint. They will be exploring a
back-end for Microsoft.NET, work on ways to build web applications
with Javascript code (in this case by translating RPython to
Javascript) and porting some CPython modules to use ctypes. Welcome to
the team!

.. _`Summer of Code`: